Arbitrarily Random Mini Stories

This set of images are not bound by a single component. They are bound by the idea that they are random, whimsical, and open ended. Each of these images creates their own mini story. A story you can make up for yourself. You can imagine the character reacting however you'd like as the viewer. You can create their backstory and the reason for why they are there. I love how each person may view the same image differently. These images are left open ended on purpose which leads to create a random feel of the elements. This allows the viewer to play a part in the image. 

I created this series to have my artwork be more than a story I am telling. I wanted to it to also be a story the viewer can tell. This leads the viewer to have an experience while viewing this art. I want the viewer to take a second look and ask "why?" and then answer that why any way they like. 

black hole sun
deep wandering