Angela Marvel is a born and raised Washington State self-portrait artist who creates conceptual photographic art.  She uses elements that are random, whimsical and multi-faceted that when blended together reveal a moment in a story.   Each image is meant to be it's own narrative, setting a scene that allows a story to take place in the viewer's mind.  Her work has been exhibited all over the United States, won numerous awards, and are published in magazines and on book covers.

Angela has always been fond of the arts. At a young age she was drawing and painting, which lead to art classes throughout school. Her photography journey began around the same time when she brought a camera to school to document her life and friends.  Since then a camera has been a staple of her everyday life. She continued her love for photography by opening a portrait business.  Soon after, she discovered self portraiture and then composites. This lead to a new journey to join both her love for art and photography into one medium where her photography is now the art she creates.